Enhance your List

A high-quality Business 2 Business prospect email database will dramatically improve lead conversion by up to 260%. Is your organisation missing out on opportunities to increase revenue (ROI) or reduce costs because of poor data quality? Accuracy Leads email Data Services offers data cleaning and enhancement solutions to improve your data, helping you manage existing business more effectively and develop new revenue potential at the same time.

Updating your data can be an intimidating task, but data quality management is easier with a partner like AccuracyLeads.com We can augment your data for up to 40 fields, including:

1. Company names and locations
2. Company type – public,private international
3. Reportage – parent, subsidiary, division, branch
4. Key personnel contacts and titles
5. Contact data including email, phone and direct mail addresses for key personnel
6. Ultimate parent
7. Parent location
8. Number of employees
9. Revenue
10.Ticker symbol and stock exchange
11.Unique identifiers
12. URL

The free email data audit will show you how we will improve your database by using our data cleansing tools and data enrichment processes. This audit process has been designed with you in mind and gives you the ability to truly understand the data issues which are highlighted. The audit also enables us to provide you with an accurate quotation to fix the required data elements.