4 Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Today’s options in terms of marketing are perhaps unparalleled in human history—certainly in modern history. It’s more affordable to reach more people more quickly than ever, and key to this trend in today’s business world is social marketing. Facebook has a stranglehold on the market, utilizing it to your business’s advantage makes sense—here are three ways to optimize your Face book marketing efforts through the very design of your ads.


Now these things may seem somewhat complicated at first, but they’re not quite as difficult as you may expect. The following tips can be enacted by a small business owner with little to no experience with the web—just be ready to do a “Google” search if something needs further explanation. There’s only so much tutorial that can be fit in a brief blog! Without further ado, following are some tips.


1: Use The Right Tools

This list of content marketing tools can help expand the effectiveness of your Facebook ads; you’re also likely to be well-served by employing professional support of some variety (such as a marketing agency). Think of your online content marketing strategy like a powerful firearm, and the right tools as a scope to aim with. If you just create content for a Facebook ad but aren’t diligent to calibrate it for the target you’re trying to hit, then you’re basically firing marketing bullets every which way but the direction which will acquire you a client conversion.


So, for proper Facebook ad design, hone those sights. Figure out the age range of your demographic. Figure out the kinds of things they look for on Facebook—this is best done with the right marketing tools. Additionally, whatever other written content the ads you put on Facebook links to should be useful beyond just marketing.


Think about your own experience on this social media platform. What are you most likely to click on? That which entertains you. If you’re entertained, you’re going to naturally be drawn to something. Also, value likely pulls you in. Make sure your content is informative, valuable, entertaining, and easily condensable into an ad that has an expanded likelihood of being clicked on.


2: Promotional Products Are An Absolute Must-Have

Something else that makes a lot of sense is to work with professionals who are entrenched in the industry and have made it their core prerogative to remain on the cutting edge of online marketing trends, as well as other digital marketing endeavors like web design.


When you’ve got professional solutions that are aimed not just at small businesses, but large ones as well, you’re more likely to employ the right kind of design solutions. Such professionals can give you extremely effective design tips, and can help ensure your online and offline presence is trendy as well as effective.

This ends up being integral to your business, as better brand design incorporated in unique promotional products (branded pens, bottles, bags) should lead to increased visibility, increased clientele, and expanded profitability.


3. An Effective, Comprehensive Strategy

When you have targeted marketing that uses meta descriptions and is informed by professionals who make it their business to successfully represent their clients, you’re going to see tangible results for your outreach efforts. The last consideration here is: time. Granted, with the web you can get more results quicker than ever—but not instantaneously.


4: Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions seem more complicated than they are, but as a marketing design feature, they are one of the most simple ways to get online search engine algorithms working for you.


Whatever FB ads you design, you should be sure to employ meta descriptions on your website. These are basically short bits of text which describe the content of a page that  you’re linking to. Meta descriptions, or meta tags as they’re often called, are a bit abstract because you’re not going to actually see them on the page itself. Rather, they’re hidden in the code of the page. Here’s a helpful link that gives you a step-by-step process on incorporating meta tags into the design of your website. Now you can’t add a meta description to your FB ad directly, but you can use the open graph feature of FB to reference back to your website’s meta descriptions, and here’s a guide on that.


Why meta descriptions are effective has to do with SEO, or search engine optimization. Search engines use algorithms to produce results when someone does a search. One thing those algorithms search for are the meta descriptions hidden away in the code of a given page. Basically, they’re the descriptions you’ll find in blogs, but encoded. Learn how to employ them, and do so. This will increase the effectiveness of your Facebook ads substantially.


Within a year’s time, you should see some substantially positive changes. In fact, it’s likely you’ll see indicators of where your brand is trending via social media advertisement within a few weeks or months—but you need to be in it for the “long haul” for the best results in most cases.